First Bastrop exists to
Love God, Love One Another, and Love Our World.

Love God: Gospel-Centered Living

We believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross, absorbing the wrath of God against our sin, to reconcile us to God and was raised again guaranteeing a new life in Him for all who believe. The way to restoring our lives and our families is to turn away from our self-serving, world-centered lifestyles, experience the transforming power of the gospel, and surrender our lives to Christ.


Love One Another: Gospel-Centered Community

We believe that Christ also died to reconcile us to one another. The church is a new creation in Christ. Each member is equipped, by the Holy Spirit, with gifts in order that we may serve one another and so that the whole body might function and grow together in Christ. We are to love one another, bear one 
another’s burdens, and stir up one another to love and good works.

Love Our World: Gospel-Centered Outreach

We believe that God loves the world and seeks to save the lost through the hope of the gospel. As His church, we are called to be beacons of that hope as we love our world through relevant acts of service, both locally and globally, with the ultimate goal of sharing the gospel and seeing people transformed into fully functional followers of Jesus Christ.

Our Mission